You may have more than one Custom Domain. There are a couple of ways to use multiple Custom Domains with StickyFolios:

Multiple subdomains - Using the same URL:

Examples: and

If your goal is to market your different photography niches, such as Seniors, Families and Commercial, but under the umbrella of a single URL, you would use multiple subdomains (one for each niche) with your Folios.

Click here for directions to use sub-domain records: Create a  new subdomain A Record 

Multiple Domains - Using Different URLs

Examples: (new) (existing)

In some cases, you might choose to purchase a new domain for each niche of your photography business, such as Seniors, Boudoir or Commercial work. This option is best when you don't already have a website for the URL and are using this for a new segment of your business. 

In this case you would EDIT the A record for your domain. Editing the A Record

If you have questions about custom domains or best practices for using your custom domains, please email for additional assistance.