Yes, they can save the Folio (App) to their mobile device.  StickyFolios will work on all Apple devices (iPhone/iPad/iPod) and the latest Androids.

Here are the best practices for sharing your Folios.

1. Send the Folio link via email. 

2. Include the directions below, if you know what type of phone they have you can share only the directions needed. \

Note: When using an iPhone it's best to use Safari. In some cases opening with Chrome may allow the add to homescreen, but it's not consistant.  If your client has issues or does not see the add to homescreen have them copy and paste the URL into their mobile device.

Directions for adding to a mobile device.  We have an email swipe copy here: 


  1. Open the link from your email (be sure to use the iphone default browser, Safari). Some users may find that Chrome works, but this is not consistant. The best practice is to 
  2. Click the Share icon (box with the arrow coming up out of it at the bottom of the screen). Note  you will have to swipe up to see the options once the share button is pressed to see the option to add to home screen.
  3. Click "Add to Home Screen" - note if you don't see the add to homescreen option you may not be in Safari. Copy and paste the URL into the Safari browser.


  1. Copy the StickyFolio URL and paste into the Chrome browser.
  2. Click Chrome's built-in menu (usually three lines in the upper right) OR the phone’s built in menu option (Samsung phones). This is usually three lines on the device to the left of the home button.
  3. Select “Add to Home Screen.”