StickyAlbums are fantastic tool to increase referrals, but they are also effective at helping you increase sales averages. Many photographers use StickyAlbums as an incentive for their clients to purchase more prints, higher-end collections, and spend more money. Here are some ways to use StickyAlbums to increase sales averages.

1. Use StickyAlbums as a pull-through product for prints. Let your client know before ordering that they will get a StickyAlbum that includes any prints that they order. This will often encourage them to order more prints than they otherwise may have.  

2. Use StickyAlbums to encourage a client to pick a higher level collection, by including StickyAlbums only with your top-tier collection.

3. Include StickyAlbums on your à la carte price list to establish value for the product, whether or not you sell it as a stand-alone product. You can use the phrase “valued at $x" on your price list.

4. Let your clients know that they will only receive StickyAlbums with a minimum purchase price. This will encourage your clients to spend more and meet your target sales goal.

5. Give your client a free StickyAlbums teaser app with only 3-4 heavily watermarked images after their wedding or photo session. You could even include advertisements in their teaser app. Then have them upgrade to a larger ad-free StickyAlbum by purchasing a top-level package, after a sales minimum is met, or simply à la carte.

6. If you only sell digital files, then use StickyAlbums as an incentive to purchase more digital files - either a larger digital package or more individual files. Clients receive StickyAlbums with the digital files they purchased, which encourages them to purchase more files and ultimately increases sales averages.

“I love using StickyAlbums to beef up my collections and to encourage clients to go with the collection over a la carte prints. The only way that a client receives a StickyAlbum is by choosing to purchase a collection, so it helps my sales average.” - Jennifer Dell

Take some time to watch the following videos; they are full of great ideas about how to increase your sales averages using StickyAlbums and the principles still hold true for StickyAbums 3.0/Client Folios.

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