Image size will vary based upon the type of image.   There are two elements file size and image size (pixel width).

Tips on selecting images:

1. StickyFolios and StickyAlbums are intended to help you market your business.  Include only your best images.

2. The more images you include, the slower your published page will load--especially for users on slow connections.

3. Size your images and logos as outlined below.

4. Images should have sRgb color space.

FILE SIZE: This is the overall size of the file. There are two types of images loaders. Single images and galleries.

single images (ie logos/headshots/individual images) File Size is 3MB and png and jpg are supported.

gallery images  File size is 5mb.  Supported File Type: jpg files are supported.

Image pixel size:

The following images should be sized between 1000-3000 pixels on the longest edge:

  • Section header images (3mb)
  • Gallery images (5mb)
  • Single images (3mb)
  • Logos (3mb)

Recommended Logo Sizes - Note creating your logo to a larger pixel size will not make the logo appear larger. Logos should not be larger than 3MB in file size.

  • Homescreen Icon  - (Square): 400 pixels on all sides
  • Logo at the top of Folios (Square): 400 pixels square on all sides
  • Rectangular Shaped Logos* Note the top section only takes square logos. This is for the rectangular log at the bottom of a Folios: 100 pixels tall or 600x400 depending upon your logo style.

Click here to learn more about preparing your images for upload.