StickyFolios are marketing pages you can use the promote your business.

StickyAlbums was the first marketing page we created was the StickyAlbum.  A StickyAlbum is a client mobile album, that saves to their mobile device home-screen.  This marketing page/strategy is still a key element in our Took Kit for photographers.  Since we launched the StickyAlbum we have added other marketing pages 'Folios" to the mix.  
StickyAlbums are unique in that unlike the other Folios types,  they can be save offline for viewing without an internet connection and they have a quick build wizard that saves your contact details and logo.
Video: StickyAlbum - Overview of what StickyAlbums are and how they work.
Since the launch of StickyAlbums in 2012, we have added additional marketing pages that help you run your business. These are referred to in our system as Folios.

Here are some videos that go through the use case for each of the various types of pages you can create. Note you don't have to use each page for it's designed purpose.  However, the names given were based upon the features added, that may be specific to that use case.

Videos and Folio Types:
Instagram Link Page - Links page.  This will have links to your website, social medial and has contact details as well. Allows to have one link to all your online sources for Instagram.
Pricing Guide  - Product guide with our without prices to send to potentail clients to let them now what types products you have for customers.
Portfolio  - A basic portfolio website for a specific photography niche of your business.
Landing Page  - A basic landing page that has a focused call to action.

Wedding Websites  Customer website for their wedding, can be updated so that their custom link changes to a StickyAlbum after the wedding.
Mini Session Page  - A page that is set up for special events like mini-sessions or other partnerships or limited time events.
Lead Magnet/10 Tips Guide  - Page to share information has ten blocks with images and text areas.