If you do mini-sessions as part of your business, you can use StickyFolios to get more people booked with less scheduling hassle and less no-shows.

First, you can create a custom mini-session landing page as the central location to direct all of your online and printed promotional efforts.

Then, you can link your mini-session page to an online booking page (we recommend Calendly), to make it easy for people to sign up for a slot.  This also creates a sense or urgency and scarcity as spots fill up.

Finally, you can add a down-payment or session fee to the booking page, to reduce the chance of someone not showing up.


  • We recommend using a mini-session StickyFolio about this mini-session event instead of your website, so they stay focused and don't get lost.  
  • Showcase your best 15-20 portfolio images in high-resolution
  • Use custom domains to setup a URL example: folios.janesmithphotography/minisession
  • On your Booking Page, you can ask how they found you, and/or have them agree to your mini-session policies