If your StickyFolio is not saving to the home screen of your mobile device or if you are not seeing the Add to Home screen directions, here are a few troubleshooting tips.

The most common issue with iPhones is that the user is not opening the album with Safari, because the device has defaulted to a different browser for web links.

If the Add To Homescreen directions are not visible:

Make sure you are not opening the URL in Chrome or any other browser besides Safari, which is the iOS native browser. If you are using the Gmail app instead of the iOS device's built-in email program, the URL will open in Chrome.  

Chrome does not support the Add To Home Screen function. This function is reserved for Apple's Safari browser, which iOS's built-in email program uses.

If you are using Gmail, click Chrome's built-in menu (usually three lines in the upper right of the browser). Select Add To Homescreen from the menu.

If the App is not saving for offline viewing:

If you are using your iOS device's built-in email program, check your Safari Settings. Go to Settings > Safari  > Privacy and make sure that cookies are not set to Always Block because this prevents the app from caching. 

​Here are the recommended settings that allow your app to cache using Safari:

Here are the recommended settings that will allow your app to cache on iOS devices using Safari:

Do Not Track:      Set to white (green means on, but you want it off)
Block Cookies:   Allow from Websites I Visit