Each Folio needs to have a unique URL.  So that you can use the same sub-domain or domain for muliple Folios and Albums we have added a feature called paths to the domain set up.

A Path is a series of characters letters or numbers that appears at the end of the URL. Typically, you would set a Path for a specific client, event, or niche.

Paths can be added to your custom domains or to a StickyFolio URL.
Custom Domain Examples:
yourphotography.com/jamesandemma wedding.yourphotography.com/willandsarah
StickyFolio Domain Examples:

To Add a Path to your Folio:

1. Open your StickyFolios site in the builder.

2. Select the Folio URL Section in the Settings Panel.

3. Click the toggle to turn Custom Domains on.

4. Click the blue Configure Your Custom Domain Button.

5. Select your domain from the list. Add the Path in the Box that appears to the side of your domain.

6. Add the Path in the Box that appears to the side of your domain. In this case we added 2016.  Paths can not have spaces or special characters but can have any combination of numbers and letters. We recommend customizing the path to the client or event you created the Folio for.

Once you create the Custom Domain Path, close the Box by clicking the check mark in the upper right corner.