An A Record associates a website name or URL to an IP address, making it easier to remember website addresses.

When using a Custom Domain for your StickyFolios, you are creating a link between your domain name and our IP address.  With a Custom Domain, your StickyFolios are hosted on the StickyFolios website, but in creating the A Record you are assigning your website name/URL to the IP of your StickyFolios website.

A redirect can be set up for either the main domain (i.e. or a subdomain (i.e.

Main domain redirects work with your main url. Main domain redirects work best with StickyFolios when users intend to replace an existing website or create a website from scratch for the first time. Subdomain redirects are best used with StickyFolios to create an additional page or section to your domain/main website, such as

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