The best way to get clients to open and share their StickyAlbums is to share with them in person. 

  • Help install the StickyAlbums onto your client's mobile phone or tablet and demonstrate how to save it to their homescreen.

  • Take the time to show StickyAlbums in action. For example, demonstrate how to open the photo gallery and view single images.

  • Demonstrate how to share StickyAlbums with family and friends right from the Folio itself.

  • Help your clients understand that sharing is fun and easy - get them excited about it!

We know that presenting a StickyAlbums in person isn't always feasible and that sometimes emailing it is necessary.

If you've ever been frustrated by clients who don't open StickyAlbums that you've emailed to them, we have a simple tip that can make a big difference.  Send along with the writtin directions the GIF we have created to show customers how to add the app to their mobile device.  GIF to Use in Sharing