The Dashboard is the control center of the StickyFolios builder. It is broken down into several sections.

The Folios area of the Dashboard is the place to find your list of StickyFolios sites and get links to share them. It is also the place to start editing your StickyFolios sites.

The Dashboard is also the place where you will find your Account Details, and the Help section.

In the Folios area of the Dashboard, you can sort your StickyFolios by the following fields: Folio NameUnique ViewsViews, Created On or Last Published.

A green bar next to your Folio Name means there are no unpublished changes. A red bar means you have unpublished changes.

The Folio Dashboard Includes:

1. Search: Locate a Folio by typing Folio Name keyword(s) into the Search Box.

2. Folio Name: Created when you first build your Folio. To change a Folio Name, click the Edit Button and go to the settings panel. Change Folio Name

3. Unique Views: Total number of unique devices on which your Folio has been viewed. Unique Views/Statistics

4. Total Views: Total number of times your Folio has been viewed across all unique devices. Unique Views/Statistics

5. Created On: Date on your Folio was created.

6. Last Published: Date your Folio was last published. Never means you have never pubilshed the Folio.  If the bar next to the Folio Name is yellow you have made changes to the Folio that you have not yet Published.

7. Sharing Links: These links allow you to share your StickyFolio through various channels.  Left to right they are: Open in a New Window, Email, Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest

8. Edit- To make updates to your Folio, click the Edit Button.

The Edit Button has a drop-down menu with items that allow you to Clone your Folio, view Folio Statistics, and move the Folio to the Trash.


Note: The Move to Trash function disables your Folio.

Once a Folio is Trashed, you may Restore its functionality or Delete it permanently. Deleted Folios cannot be recovered.