The first step is to determine if you are going to create sub-domains or use the main URL.

If you already have a website that uses your own domain name and plan to continue using your website with this domain, you would want to create a subdomain A Records.  

Example subdomain names: in this case their main website is mysite

If you have a new URL and or do not have a website and will be using StickyFolios to create a site. Then you may want to edit your current URL's A record.

Example main Domains:

Note: If you have a PhotoBiz website (no matter who you purchased your domain from), you can't update your own domain. You will need to email the PhotoBiz support team and request that they create the subdomain A record.

Step 1 - Create or Edit your A Record

Create an A Record - this creates sub-domains like

Edit your A Record - this points a main url like

Step 2: Update your Domain in the StickyFolios Builder

Step 3: Add the Domain to your Folio you can read more about customizing your domain with Paths