There several strategies to consider when sharing StickyAlbums with your clients.  Some sharing strategies will result in higher sales, some strategies will help to exceed your client’s expectations, and some strategies encourage referrals. Here are a few ideas about when to best share StickyAlbums with your clients based on your goals and your workflow.

Before the session:

  • Show your clients a demo StickyAlbum before their session so they can see it in action and get excited about creating their own. This tactic can help increase sales averages.

Right after the session:

  • Give your clients a free StickyAlbum teaser app with only 3-4 heavily watermarked images right after their wedding or photo session. You could even include advertisements in the teaser app. Then, if they upgrade to a top-level package, you can offer an ad-free StickyAlbum that includes more images. This strategy works well if you offer the upgraded album after a sales minimum is met. Or you might choose to offer it simply à la carte. This will help your clients get excited about their StickyAlbum and will encourage them to upgrade, ultimately helping you increase your sales average.

When they order:

  • Use  StickyAlbums as a pull-through product during ordering. Offer them as part of top-level packages or after a sales minimum is met.  This can help increase your sales average.

  • Let your clients know that they will get a StickyAlbum that includes images from prints or products that they order. This will encourage them to order more prints/products than they may have otherwise ordered, which can help increase your sales average.

  • One reason why we encourage sharing StickyAlbums after you have received payment is so that your clients aren't tempted to screen capture images in their StickyAlbum and then not place an order. Reward your clients with a StickyAlbum after they pay for their order!

After they order:

  • Create StickyAlbums for your past clients several months after their session.  This is a great way to say "thank you," exceed client expectations, and generate referrals.

  • Share StickyAlbums with clients as a surprise thank-you gift after they order.  This will help you get great brand exposure and increase referrals.