If you have edited/updated the Social Sharing Image, Message, or URL from your StickyFolio and the updated version does not appear when shared on Facebook, you will need to clear the cache related to that StickyFolio on Facebook.  Facebook has a fairly long cache of data and to implement updates without clearing their cache can take from ten days to two weeks.

If you would like to see the updated version of your StickyFolios when sharing to Facebook, please try the following steps.

1. Delete the StickyFolios link posted on Facebook.

2. Go to the Facebook Developers Debug Tool:  http://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug.

3. Copy and paste the StickyFolios link you intend to update into the box and click Debug.

4. If you don't see the image/changes you made, click the Scrape Again button. You may need to click the Scrape Again button a few times before you see the updated Social Sharing Image, Message, or URL.

5. Paste your link back on Facebook.