Buttons allow you to do several things; one of the most powerful being the ability to capture leads with embedded contact forms. 

Embedding a contact form from your email service or studio software into a Button allows you to capture potential clients' contact information and automatically add this information to your lead management program.  You will want to have a code that starts with an iframe tag.  

Currently, StickyFolios supports embedded forms from the services listed below.  Click the appropriate link to learn how to find the contact form embed codes for the service you use. If your serice is not listed you can try linking to your online form using the button as a link.

Supported Embed Codes:

StickyEmail -  If you have StickyEmail click here to learn how to use your StickyEmail sequence in your Button.

Supported Embeds

HoneyBook               Tave               MailChimp

Drip                           17 Hats  

To add a contact form embed code to a Folio from the StickyFolios builder:

1. Select your Button

Click the Button to edit
Change the button Type - to Pop-Up CRM Form Button

2. Enter Data

Enter the Button Label. This text will display on the Button in your Folio
Paste your embed code into the Copy and Paste Your Embed Code Box

3. Click the green Save & Close button to save the changes

Note if you want to test your button you have to publish the Folio/Album. Opening the button again, the form will be blank and closing the box will overwrite previously saved information.